Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22 August 2017 full episode live Ishita convinces everyone to break the dahi haandi

Hile Ashok is prepared to shoot Shagun along, his assistant is fearful when Mr Bhalla asks for his ID card.

Then he confesses that Ashok had asked him to make a scene there. There Ashok is attempting to open the door when Santoshi, Mr Bhalla, Madhu and Mr Iyer arrive there and hold back Ashok. Madhu and Santoshi locate Shagun tied up there and Madhu opens the door to extract Neelu.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 22 August 2017

He falls down and gets up but runs out when he finds the opportunity. Ashok’s helper falls at Mr Bhalla’s toes and pleads him to let him move while Shagun claims the chain he’s wearing is Mani’s series.

He says he bought it from a jeweller’s close Sainath basti. Santoshi states Raman and Ishita are also there and each of them should also move there.


In the chemical, Mr Bhalla asks Mihika why she’s asking them to go on scooty and Mihika informs them that she spoke to Aadi who told her that there is a traffic jam on that street. Santoshi asks Shagun to return and Mihika says she will stay with her. Simmi ties Ashok’s helper behind her scooty and they get to the jewellery shop,

who’s going for the dahi haandi and asks then to come another day but Mr Bhalla asks him to cooperate or else they will have to involve authorities.

The jeweller tells them that a woman named Preeti arrived and sold it to him.

They all proceed towards Sainath basti where Ishita is encouraging everybody to break the haandi themselves inside the muhurat. He tries to remember where he’s seen him before.

He recall it was at Ishita’s practice and realises that he’s the killer. Raman runs to capture him and calls Aadi but the killer gets on his motorcycle and speeds off. Aadi says they should better check on Ishita and they move inside but Aadi keeps on looking around for the killer.

Meanwhile, Kiran reaches Bhalla’s home to provide sweets that she’s prepared and Neelu informs her that everybody has gone into Sainath basti.

She asks her to wear saree occasionally and Kiran says she will go and change. Kshitija informs her that it would take too long for her to go and return when Neelu proposes her to wear a pair of Ishita’s saree. She hesitates at first but on Neelu’s insistance she shifted into Ishita’s saree. She receives a call from Bala who informs her that he has free from the courses and is going into the Sainath basti since they may need them any time.

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