Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20,21,22, August 2017 full episode Ashok sedates Shagun

 Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Ruhi takes Pihu to Riya’s home to make peace between them, where Riya informs her that she got irritated when Pihu captured her lie.

She says she had no other choice as Pihu informs her so much about her dad and she knows nothing about hers and whenever she asks her mother about her dad she scolds her. She states Pihu is so blessed because she’s her mom,

dad and grandparents too and she’s so lonely. Riya’s Nanny thanks Ruhi and says that she is not that bad but they have strict instructions not to come near Riya.She informs Ruhi that her prior nanny lost her job because she inquired Riya about her dad and she had been there because Riya’s birth.

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 Yeh Hai Mohabbatein latest episode

Ruhi asks if she’s the prior nanny’s speech and she gives her and Ruhi gets that it’s exactly the identical basti where Raman and Ishita have gone to fulfill Banwari’s spouse, Ruhi says she will take Pihu along,

but Riya’s Nanny asks her not to worry as she will drop her dwelling.There Ashok reveals fake concern for Shagun and makes her drink water by which he had added medications. Shagun faints and Ashok says today she will not be aware to prevent him from marrying her.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein latest episode

The assistant does the exact same and Mr Bhalla and Santoshi return to understand the matter as he requests them to vacate the building, meanwhile Ashok ties up Neelu and Shagun.

There Ishita and Raman visit Banwari’s home to find it all messed and search for his wife but can not find her.

They opt to search for her outside but Banwari’s spouse who’s tied up in the kitchen pushes a pan that makes Ishita and Raman seem there and untie her.

They ask her who did this and about the evidence and she informs them that a guy with moustache and brown muffler beat her and she hid the evidence in a haandi. They all head out to search for it and get to know that the haandi was hung and a distinctive toli will come and bring it down.

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