Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th February 2017 Full Episode

Toshi is a sad and depressed Raman. She asks why. Raman is sad after rejecting as a janitor Pihu. It is not good when meeting his client Toshi was after a good presentation. Toshi comforts him and says that everything will be in your personal and professional life in order. The next morning, Toshi Raman concern Romi. He wants to know why Raman went without breakfast and why he was so sad last night. Romi says there is only one Raman voltage and coming out of it has been. Avoid the episode of Gulabo talking before her.

1.Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th February 2017 Full update episode

Poonam comes before the hour to work. Ishita is deeply impressed. Poonam asks Ishita about the tastes and dislikes of Pihu. Ishita will awaken Pihu, only Shaun complains of heartburn. Poonam asks Ishita with Shogun’s employ and tells him to awaken and prepare for school. Ishita said Pihu not someone likes to wake up. Poonam said do not worry; they will Pihu friend. Poonam looks a bit nasty; they recognize the camera in space Pihu.

Abhishek Raman scored and said his fate is bad. He lost the opportunity to meet their children. Abhishek suggests you look for a solution instead of being excited. Raman got the idea, he said, if he offered a better pay to Poonam, they finally settled outside Mani’s house. Abhishek Raman grace and leaves. It is glad that now the work will get.

She seems gentle Pihu and awake, but Pihu refuses to get up. Also, as Pihu has no Poonam breakfast made for them. He also refuses the story of the Poonam study. Ishita concerned and criticized Pihu. Poonam said Ishita should give more time to Pihu, and in a few days, Pihu starts your nanny to love.

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Ishita Poonam asks Pihu to leave school and take care of Shogun. Poonam fell on Pihu but to choose if Pihu Ishita it requires of the school, Poonam lost patience. She screams him Pihu and pulls his ear. Poonam Raman sees Pihu wounded, warns him and asks him to be gentle with his daughter. Poonam reacts differently, calling the school guard to stop meeting with Raman Pihu. She warns him if Raman tells him anything so that they will complain to the school board and Ishita.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein-18 feb

  • Ishita feels guilty after scolding Picchu in the morning. She goes to school to meet them. Find Ishita red spots on the hands and ears Pihu. Pihu so afraid that the conversation tries to avoid. If Ishita insists cuddles and shouts Pihu.

Param’s questions about the Gaurav function of astrology and also about its superstitious nature. In Gaurav not like param interferences in their personal lives. If Param Panditji called for the minister’s job, meeting the assistant Panditji Param for a few days are not available. In fact Gaurav bribed the assistant Panditji and told them that Param is a dangerous type. Gaurav Param smiles and says he can not use his Panditji against him.


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