Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 30th August full episode 2017 Harman goes back to her room

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki  Shanno informs Harman and Soumya to continue with their play in their area. She states that doing so in front of everyone is essential so that nobody could blame her. Harman goes back into her chamber and Soumya brings tea for him. She says no to what and Harman attracts her downstairs. He stands facing Mata Rani and confesses that he will not expect any relationship or love from her until the time she insists herself.

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki

They begin calculating the charges for each thing that she did at the celebration. Harman dismisses his finger by error and Soumya rushes to assist him. He informs her that she will not get compensated for caring for him or her holding him with her will. She can’t even stare at him or else he will cut her wages. He orders her to proceed and finish her tasks.

Preeto comes and protect his wound. She asks if he still believes that Soumya enjoys her. Harman states that she does not understand it herself but he will not let her move away from her in almost any instance. Soumya can hear that from out his room and believes that he’s too great a person.

She can’t stop caring for him so she’ll attempt to do everything to break free from him.

Harak and Preeto send Varun back to Delhi stating that this can help him avoid trouble and that he will return when its all depended. He begs to let him remain but they request him to depart immediately.

Preeto believes that she will not let him return today. Balvinder attracts a sari to get Raavi for he has a job today. He states that he will do far more for her when he has successful.

Preeto asks if she is enjoying it all because she has to sleep next to him during the night and that is sufficient contentment for her. She struggles to break free from his room first, if she can.
Surabhi asks what is wrong when she sees that Varun is concerned. He informs her that they might need to depart Gurdaspur and they will not even be permitted to live here anymore.

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