Kumkum Bhagya 30th August 2017 full episode Munni surrenders Disha to Sangram Singh

Sangram Singh requests his goons to tie all of the family members together with Abhi, Purab and Pragya into the pullers and Dadi says to Abhi that he’s bleeding a lot and Sangram Singh claims to him that he shouldn’t have struck him and now his entire family has to endure. Munni thinks to himself that this is not right and this household should not be harmed.

She attempts to sneak out to telephone the police but Mitali holds her arm and stops her. Sangram Singh catches her and asks her to stand at her place.

Disha wonders what has to be occurring to the family and decides to head out as she can not let anything happen to the household because of her but then she recalls that Munni sweared her on Purab to not come out.

Kumkum Bhagya latest

The goons get to the room and talk that this is the previous room and they opt to break the lock of the cupboard where Disha is. Disha is fearful but the mind goon comes and asks them not to squander time as Disha wouldn’t lock herself in.

Sarla calls Pragya, Purab and Abhi however not one of them receives the call and she gets stressed. Sarla reaches Mehra mansion and asks what’s happening and that is he. Sarla slaps Sangram and he orders to tie her also.

Kumkum Bhagya 30th August 2017

There Rishabh is attempting Abhi’s number but he isn’t replying while sameer insists that it’s very important to contact him and if he is not available on telephone then they should go to his house.

Sangram Singh sees Abhi’s phone ringing and breaks it and asks Abhi to phone him over if he wants him to join him. Abhi asks him to untie him and then he’ll tell him. Sangram puts gun on him and says he’ll kill him first. Munni believes that he can not allow this happen to Abhi because he is such a nice person.

She yells at Sangram to cease and says she knows where Disha is and she’s concealed him. Abhi and Dadi asks him not to do this. Abhi says to her that they won’t do anything since they would have killed him already if they had to and Munni says she can not let him die as she can not be without him.

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