Jolly LLB 2 movie review: Akshay kumar, Huma qureshi

Welcome to the entertainment back blog and before you go to theatre to watch jolly llb 2. Read this review first. Akshay kumar gives many films like airlift, baby and rustom and these all films are hit on box office and entered in 100 crore club.

He is now in competition with shahrukh khan because shahrukh khan and akshay kumar both have 7 films of 100 crore club and salman khan is the first who have total 10 fims in 100 crore club and no doubt tubelight is 11th movie of 100 crore club.

Anyway here I am talking about jolly lb 2 movies and who gives a review and who watched this film? And the answer is hritik roshan. Hritik roshan watched jolly llb 2 film and he said, “this is the awesome movie and I like akshay kumar acting in this movie”


Jolly llb 2 movie review: akshay kumar, huma qureshi


Jolly llb 2 movie review and cast


So hritik roshan praised the movie jolly llb 2. He said this movie like khatta mitha. Khatta mittha is the old movie of akshay kumar. And khatta mitha is a best film of akki. He strews the magic in that film. So again akshay kumar come with khatta mittha movie type acting in this movie.

Annu kapoor and saurabh shukla are also cast of this film. This character of akshay kumar is inspired by birbal. And akshay kumar knows every difficulties answer in this film and performed as advocate of this film.

So see hritik roshan reaction on this film. Hritik roshan tweeted about that film. Mohen jo daro and rustom are clashed some time ago but now hritik roshan wants to improve relationship with akshay kumar after that clash.

hritik roshan tweet of jolly llb 2

His movie kaabil also have a clash with sharukh khan raees though this movie entered in 100 crore club and kaabil also released in Pakistan but raees banned in Pakistan. Anyway keep visiting. We rate 3.5 stars to this movie in 5 (3.5/5) movie will release on 10th February 2017.

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