Beyhadh Watch Today Full Episode (Saanjh Know Maya is Mental Patient)

Saanjh Aneri Vajani felt bad dance observation Arjun (Kushal Tandon) and canceled his plan to participate in your wedding.

Maya mother looks at the hand of a Mayan contract and asks what it is. Maya tells her that it’s their relationship seal forever with Arjun and no one, not even Arjun, you can break it. Arjun looks through the Saanjh window and discounts aside to keep all the differences and visit his wedding.

Today Beyhadha Episode


Saanjh looks at old albums and wishes him all luck in the world. Arjun decides up and brings Saanjh go. The Saanjh parents are arrested. He did not lie, and burn it. Saanjh is pleased to see the Arjun appeal.

  • Ayaan grabs her phone and asks her to sit on the horse to go. See Saanjh the phone in his hand Ayaan and angry. Arjun decides to leave. Maya’s mother (Jennifer Winget) promises that never leaves her side and asks her to go and change. She looks at her gun and holds it in her purse.

beyhadh 2017 next eposide

  • Father Saanjh refuses in the marriage and asks his wife and son to go in the interest of Vandana participate. Vandana stands aside to speak to the priest. Ashwin covers his face and takes them in his car.


Arjun stiffened not found Vandana. Ayaan mother and Saanjh start looking. Vandana Ashwin leads to a garage. She is surprised to see Ashwin and begins to ask for help. He puts his hand on his face and tells him that Maya is crazy. She pushed him aside and escaped from there.

Arjun asks the mother about Maya Maya. Maya sees and blushes. Vandana back in the garage and looking for Ashwin, but it can not be found anywhere. Saanjh calls and tells her that Maya is crazy and the marriage has to stop. She is surprised. The priest asks him to call the bride. Maya goes down. Arjun and all the others in left breath.


She remembers the words of Ashwin and the priest. She decides Ashwin and know the truth of Maya meet.

Maya prepares Ashwin thought worries. His mother comes and tells you that the Baraat has arrived. Maya is excited. She asks Baraat not see and Baraat happy to welcome. Maya sees the Baraat. Request Vandana. Saanjh mother told him she must bring something.



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