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Khaali Haath We’ve got all heard stories of celebrities, who reach godlike status in actual life after playing one on screen. The actor was contested on social websites for posting glamorous images. Shedding light exactly the exact same, Nikita told, “it is a weird feeling when lovers go overboard with these kinds of remarks but you are aware that it’s their love that is speaking. This being my very first mythological show, I’m slowly getting to understand how it really works.”

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Adding to it she stated, “My co-star Sourabh (Raaj Jain), that was a part of mythic displays had informed me that individuals will now believe you to be a Goddess, and you’ll need to be careful with what you say and also article on social networking. I never understood his words will come true so soon. People have been commenting in my images which Laxmi will not dress like that or pout. They have a tendency to judge you about the parameters of your own role. It is overwhelming that people are providing so much esteem and love to me but they should realize it is the true Nikita on social networking, not the personality that I’m playing.”

Mahakali, made by Swastik Pictures brings living the narrative of Goddess Parvati and the way she had been bestowed with the forces of getting Kali. Attempting to do something different about tv, Nikita grabbed the deal of Mahakali. “I’ve thought that as celebrities we will need to push and challenge ourselves from choosing for a variety of sorts of roles. I’m quite a modern woman in real life and it is almost always a high to perform something radically contrary on screen. My personality is rather an impactful one and I’m really having a gala time being a part of this series.”

Additionally, one needs to overlook the jewellery and thick costumes the whole moment. Playing Laxmi has also come as a blessing for I’m becoming to imbibe some joy in the personality in my own life.”

Finally, when we discussed the current injury where among her co-stars Gagan Kang and Arjit Lavani’s missing their own lives, Nikita shared, “It was a really tragic incident and it’s shaken us all. Since we operate for hours, we are apt to wear out and that places a threat on our own lives if we push back. I will be certain that everyone abides by it as our own lives are really valuable.”

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